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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  October 19, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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the san francisco giants are off and and running. they headed on a plane heading to the the world series. >> good evening. the giants are in kansas city right now. hunter pentz and the rest of the team loaded up at at&t tonight. one fan is showing off his support with a giant-themed motorcycle. people want to take its
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picture. not my bike it is a bike for everybody. believing in the giants go, giants. he has the fever. his loyalty was rewarded. his helmet was signed before the team got on their way to the airport. the series moves to san francisco on friday. if the series is not decided after game 5 it goes back to kansas city. a pair of road rage incidents left three men injured. the latest happened last night on 580 on north livermore avenue. the chp says the two drivers stopped and got in a fight. one stabbed the other. he was arrested. on friday night, two men were shot in their car near the 580, 285 interchange. the chp says it, too, was the result of road rage, both are expected to be okay. no arrests have been made. >> another horrific act of road rage put two woman in the hospital. a man in a truck, they ran them
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down as they were walking along the street. one of the women is the the ex- girlfriend of the pick up truck driver. >> reporter: cameras at the bar caught the incident. you see these two women walking down the street. not far bee heupbd them, a red pick up truck pulled out of a gas station, drives in the wrong direction and intentionally hits both women. we are blurring it because the impact is to graphic. >> pow, hit them both. one went flying and when she hit the ground he kept going and ran over her legs. >> reporter: that is mark, he could you not believe what he saw. he says both women suffer friday serious injuries. >> guts and everything were out of her leg. it looked like her leg was almost off. it was gruesome. i mean these ladies did not deserve what happened to them. >> reporter: he says the driver returned to the scene shortly after and led the
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police on a car chase. >> he had a nat tire but he was still hauling and they caught him a few blocks down the road. >> reporter: the police say they used a pitman pit -- pit maneuver. the apparently was in a relationship withen worst the victims. >> i hope he goes away for a long time. >> the suspect will be charged with twa counts of attempted murder and both women are expected to recover. new tonight, the project that caused this day-long back up at the bay bridge toll plaza and all of the way across the span on friday has been suspended. the slow down was caused after caltrans installed the steel plates on the upper deck. it created a bump in the road that caused them to slow down. the plates were put there so caltrans can put in joints on the span. the plates removed and the project suspected while cal transfigures out another way to make repairs with less impact on the traffic. a carnival cruise ship that had a passenger on board being
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monitored for ebola was finally allowed to dock this morning. the ship was not allowed to dock in mexico. the woman who self-quarantined on board was given the all cheer. and tonight, the defense department is -- clear. and tonight the defense department is putting together a team to fight ebola. >> reporter: the pentagon will be part of the fight against ebola. the team, it will include 5 doctors and 20 critical care nurses trained in infectious diseases. if needed they will deploy anywhere in the u.s. in 72 hours. >> we want to go a step further. >> reporter: as the military readies the response the head of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases hit the sunday morning talk shows offering insight on new ebola safety protocols. the center for disease control and prevention is working on the revisions. >> i can tell you what we do
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today at my institution is predicated on no skin exposed, good training, having somebody monitor you back and forth. >> reporter: meantime n texas, a 21 day quarantine is ending for family and friends of thomas eric duncan, are he was the first person to die from the disease in america. two nurses who helped treat duncan have since contracted the virus, a third hospital worker returned to texas on sunday morning from a cruise. the worker self-quarantined herself during the trip. fellow passengers were not worried. >> disappointment that the cruise was cut short for everyone. >> as a precaution, carnival cruise lines says all public areas of the ship the health worker was on will be sanitized. not what you would expect at an annual pumpkin festival. >> shut up and move! >> a riot, police showed up in full protection and used tear gas to gain control of a
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drunken crowd. the out-of-control revelers caused a lot of damage. >> a car was flipped, watched a car get destroyed by 10 guys, windshield, smashed out. >> when you have students drinking and things like that, things are going to happen, right? >> yes. >> but i mean it just got out of control. >> wow, nearly 30 people injured. the president says all students involved will be held accountable. the pump kin festival is usually a source of pride for the community. everyone is encouraged to conserve energy. one homeowner was told just forget it. why her request to install solarpanels was denied. a music concert is disrupted after the singer was hit in the face by a full can of beer. what happened to the guy that threw it.
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not just pumpkin festivals but music concerts are getting rowdy. at a show. singer dustin lynch had a can of beer thrown at his face. he continued to sing even while he was bleeding. he finished the show and then
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he went to the hospital and got a few stitches. the guy that threw the beer, though, got away. all of this happened in of all places, niceville, florida. well, just over two weeks from election day and a lot of people have not made up their mind who they will vote for in the mayor's race. cortese has the lead. licar do is 26%. 40% undecided. now, a homeowner is trying to utilize the sun around her house by getting solarpannals. >> her attempt to go green became an issue of color. >> you can barely see the home from the street. it has a great view of the sun. betty thought it would be a
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perfect spot for solarpanels. >> i got a perfect position for the solar, my house faces southern exposure. >> reporter: eco-conscious marine solarpannals are popular. she was shocked when she got this letter from her homeowner association denying it. >> solarpanels have a white back sheet. i said back sheet? what are you talking about? >> reporter: the pannals must have a black back sheet. her provider sunrun does not carry those. here is an example on a house a mile away. the homeowner there thinks he knows the real reason for the rejection. >> control. they just like to have total control over the area. >> reporter: when petty pointed out none of her neighbors can see her roof. >> you can see the roof over there, can't you? obviously you can see the roof. they are going to be able to see your panels. >> she acknowledges she can not move forward without approval
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from the association, but that does not mean she is giving up on solar. >> i will keep knocking on their door. i am going to keep calling and sending letters and figuring out what my rights are. >> reporter: in kentfield, back to you. >> by law a homeowner's association can not ban solarpanels out right but they have the power to dictate how they look. thousands of senior citizens are unable to leave their homes, coming up, the new idea in one area to nourish body and soul. >> from the take what we can get, a chance of showers is coming up, we will have the forecast as we look live over san jose. slightly wet monday on the way, after a break
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tech skwrobs are attracting 20 -- tech jobs are attracting 20 somethings to the area, older people are feeling left out. a community wants to lend a helping hand. >> reporter: this food pantry is a wild success. >> 9 carrots. >> reporter: like clockwork. every thursday, 300 low income seniors line up to do their shopping. and in this crowd, carol is here. she is not carrying them back to her house, she say volunteer, it is her job to deliver groceries to a senior citizen who can't leave his home. >> the good that it does is, is measurable. >> volunteers feel good about what they are doing.
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i talked to volunteers in the past who say i feel good about this. i feel guilty. >> reporter: linda and sara, this fall, launched the grocery delivery program for homebound seniors. >> it opened my eyes to a gnaw group of people that often are, -- to a new group of people that often we don't see. >> reporter: 16,000 seniors, a quarter of them live alone, unable to travel to the grocery stores and food pantries on their own. sara says they need help and so does she. >> now, more than ever we need volunteers and we need people in the community who are keeping their eye out who are helping us to identify the isolated seniors in the neighborhood. >> okay. that is it. >> reporter: carol is off. >> looking forward to seeing them today. >> it is her second grocery stop. she is delivering healthy food and hopefully a new friendship for senior in need. in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix5. >> as you heard the program needs volunteers. if you would like to help call the richmond center where we
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have a link and a number, click on the story on the front page. well, a heavy haze is lingering in the skies over beijing. it is so thick people can only see a mile away. china is known for having problems with smoke, smog and air pollution, they went ahead with the international marathon despite the air quality reaching the most serious level with a warning for everyone to avoid outdoor activities. >> marathon is an outdoor activity. >> the last time i checked. 26 miles in taors -- >> it was bad. as we look at the bay area, air quality, one of the reasons we have sparkling air quality. we have air pollution controls, we have that sea breeze to take the partick hrats that we generate in this huge metro area and shift them somewhere else. -- particulates that we generate in this huge metro
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area and shift them somewhere else. concord, 75 right now. sanfrancisco, 63, santa rose a74. and, we are going to expect sunshine that is giving way to low pressure that is over the pacific northwest. so, those showers will spread south on monday. it is not going to amount to much. there will be more falling to the north bay. there may not even be much by the time it crosseses to the bridge by the time it gets to central and south bay. high pressure back around and reheats everything, back in the 80s by thursday. just a little bit of a chance for showers south of golden gate tomorrow morning and midday. by 8:00 tonight, we are going to be looking for clear skies around the bay area and inland. the fog is moving into the peninsula. the temperatures along the coast, 59, out the door tomorrow, drizzle along the shoreline to start out monday morning and mostly cloudy skies for the bay. partly cloudy inland. north bay, huge sprinkles. you can see it here on the future cast. it this weak front will come
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down from the pacific northwest. freeze it at 8:00 tomorrow morning, so you can see a few showers that are off shore. by the time they get to the peninsula, you will notice a little bit of lift provided out, squeezing the drizzle on the shore. inland, not much left. this is at 8:00 in the morning, we continue to roll this. midday, some of the showers materialize, it will be fast moving and not amount to much. these are light shower fist anything at all. again, south of the golden gate. so, a better chance up north than down south. here is what we expect looking over the beautiful ocean beach in san francisco, monday, showers favor the north bay. surf is up along the coast and it will be sunny by wednesday. beach advisories again for rip currents and for heavy surf and heavy swells by tomorrow. as we get a storm in alaska it really kicked up the swell. here is what it hooks like heading out. a few showers making their way through the valley and sacramento and fresno. but, along the shoreline, wet
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tomorrow. overnight lows, looking at the temperatures in the low 50s, 47 degrees, though, in santa rose a same for napa and then tomorrow, in the low 70s, so, numbers take a tumble. 10 degrees cooler tomorrow. 72 in san skwroes a66 in the city, -- san jose, 66 in the city. now, wednesday, thursday, friday, we will begin to clear it out. look at it thursday, friday, right back in the low 80s again, we are high and dry as far as the eye can see. a little bit of -- it will water your lawn, that is about it, ann? >> all righty. thank you, vern, loving the tie. >>? >> you do? >> i saved -- >> you do? >> i saved it for a special occasion. i am more than one dimensional. we cover it all. you thought sports was all about the nfl. slow your roll. think again. of course, we are not going to
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and torlakson's plan calls for more parental involvement. spending decisions about our education dollars should be made by parents and teachers, not by politicians. tell tom torlakson to keep fighting for a plan that invests in our public schools. now, more and more americans are discovering that shredding galbani mozzarella yourself inspires moments that are simply better. mmm, galbani (sfx: kiss).
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nfl up top and the raiders. better week against the charmers but nothing to show for it. another shot to get rid of the winless tag. now, look at this. getting the pro-hug. ice cube.
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second quarter, up, 7-0. now, 31, 253, the touchdowns, against the former team. every now and then, tipping into the hands of charles watson. raiders come back, cut it to 1. 14-13. but, cardinals rush for 123 yards and the ground they lost control, taylor, ice it. arizona winning 124, best start, raiders, 0-6, worse start since 1962. now, quick. up. >> i think they are starting to believe they are close, you know, but that is not a consolation right now. in other words not good enough, not good enough for our fans, owners, for the kids in the locker room. and also, we got to win one of these type of football games and, and you know, as i said to them today, you know, this is going to happen. it is going to turn. no question about that. i believe it. >> now, you took joe and put
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those shades and a hat on him -- am i kidding. >> yes. >> doppelganger, i am not kidding. [ laughter ] now, 49ers are losing early others 7-0 against denver. now, this is a big deal. for the rams, second quarter, rams up, everyone goes to one side, bailey on the far side. it is trick-or-eration, clear pass, the rams led 21-3. but, you know seattle is going to come back. defending super bowl champs. wilson, looking at baldwin, now, made it a 2-point game. wilson threw for 300, ran for 100 that is a first for a quarterback in the same game. late in the game, punt, now, no, it is a fake. [ laughter ] cunningham, he picks up a 1st down.
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st. louis, they beat seattle 28- 26. seahawks have fallen 3-3 for the year. you know, you keep charges, rivers on the sidelines you can win a game. that is what the chiefs did. game winning drive. over a minute to play. smith, now, a strike, to get cansace city into field goal range, four plays later, here is santos. up, away, through, 48 yards, the chiefs win it 23-20 to snap the chargers 5 game win streak. quickly to the ice, now, it is the trough stuff, can't they just shake hands? sharks, rangers, duking it out in the garden. now, thomas glass. on the road. now, leading 2-0. 4 seconds later guys. now, nash.
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splits the defender, 4-0. chargers going to wrap up their east coast trip on tuesday in boston. baseball. the giants, like that? yes, they took the team charter flight to kansas city. i don't know if the cbs corporate plane was available for dennis o'donell but he did touch down a few hours ago. yes, that is tonight on game down. 8-0 once again the top story, take that, chiefs. >> the manager, took it one step furtherer and thinks his royals are becoming america's team. >> it is a wonderful time for, you know, america to watch our team and -- i think what they have done, fallen in love with the team. they love our athlet seufpl, love our energy, love the way these guys play hard and enjoy each other. i think they just love the way
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we play the game. i think it was a great experience for, you know, our players, but, i think that, you know, we made a bunch of new fans throughout the country. >> the giants, underdoing again, nothing new. cool nugget about the royals, 4 of their coaches went to bay area high schools, graduating from dublin high, going to castro valley. hitting the coach, now, pano valley. the coach, attending the high school also in hayward. >> always -- always a bay area tie lurking in there somewhere. >> yes. i am sorry, go ahead. [ laughter ] >> yes. >> they are fighting for follow up questions. [ laughter ] >> yes. cinderela team, giants are always the cinderella team because they are always making due with what they got. >> the royals won't a tear like that in the playoffs, they are at the slate favorite. >> that is what i was twoing to ask. >> that is it for us at 5:30.
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you can ask more at 6:30. [ laughter ] >> thanks for joining us
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>> g >> glor: tonight, coming out of quarantine, after 21 days in isolation, the family of thomas eric duncan is set to be clear, ys srse who got ebola says she did nothing wrong, a hospital says its sorry, vicente arenas is in dallas. new details in the search for a missing virginia college student, julianna goldman on why police think the body they found yesterday is hannah graham. a pumpkin festival in new hampshire college morphs into mayhem with dozens of arrests. >> hi, how are you. >> doctors diagnosing via computer screens. vladimir duthiers on the next move in medicine. and making music new again. the group that gives musicians a chance to connect with their past.


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